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Approximate size of the BallBot/CanBot ...

This is a very interactive robot that responds with lights, sounds and movements to the childs/users commands. This robot is ideal for young children to learn their numbers and musical note relationships.

Originator/Inventor Walt Perko

After running a robot club for over 100 small children ages 4 to 13 at the local Boys & Girls Club I've found the most enjoyable starter robot to make for children 4-years old +

The CanBot and BallBot are very interactive speaking a language a Robot language a combination of beeps, lights and actions that is very easy to learn and although with some limitations can work for deaf or blind children too!

The CanBot and BallBot teaches numbers, counting, math and music ... and more ... The robot can play several educational and enjoyable games yet is able to be used all the way through college level classes ... yet it's very affordable.

I'm seeking the funding one way or another I need to manufacture the first 5,000 units and geting these robots to market;

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BallBot1 concept video

CanBot2 concept video

CanBot1 video

CanBot1 Prototype 2 ... 3-Bots Demo Video

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a few different images of prototypes and future RoboSkins

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First Contributer! John Powers


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