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The BallBot1 and L'Robotorium Shop Blog
or ... How can we get the BallBot1 Robot into Production?

Got the new FaceBoard prototype back from fab. First step was looking for flaws ... shorts etc... Next step is populating the board with components and doing final power ON tests. Next step is adding the pre-programmed µController for final software development/testing. Once all this has been completed, the next step is to offer the FaceBoard for sale as kits and pre-assembled with FloppyBot kits.

As I move through the curves of the road to production I've now added many more characters and most are BallBot1/FaceBoard compatible.

Introducing the FloppyBot Kits: http://www.brainless.org/Robots.html

Looking at a 3-axis CNC Mill to make circuitboards, finishing of plastic printed products and mill 3D objects from recycled plastic (Milk cartons, maybe even plastic grocery bags)

I'm hoping to start manufacturing a few of the products in my home soon to start selling them online.

Gee, the first production test circuit boards for the BallBot1 robot should be here in a few weeks!

CES is over ... lots of stuff ... same old stuff mostly. Most popular item I saw is safety glass and cases for cellphones. There must be 2,000 vendors of that stuff here. The neatest thing I saw was the 10' flat screen TVs. There were several products that could be very interesting if they had some of my technology added, but many attendees were making comments of those products being a waste of money.

I really wish just one of these companies would license my technology, add it to their products and let me import and sell them.

RoboToons is getting more and more attention around the world. Still not sturring up financing for the L'Robotorium Shop. I still want the L'Robotorium Shop to be the McDonalds of Manufacturing here on earth. I just need enough of an investment to buy some machines and I have offers of FREE space to get started all over California now. See some of the RoboToons animated cartoons here;


Okay, getting busy creating RoboToons animated cartoons as another means of attracting attention and hopefully $'s to fund the L'Robotorium Shop and get the other products into manufacturing;

BOE-Bot Bodies #1

Animators Needed

Today I met with a small group to talk to a representative about getting shop space at a local shopping mall. I will be sending him more information about the L'Robotorium Shop project and hopefully I will go through their 3-day school to become a shop owner. Their program would provide me 1-year shop space rent free to build and develop the business, then evaluate the business progress to determine if the shop should continue or cease. I'm sure I can bring business to the mall in general just because the L'Robotorium Shop doesn't feed people food.

The caveat is that we need machines, materials and software ready to go into the space before we can get the L'Robotorium Shop open. We just need a few small investors or one big investor to buy and lease the machines needed in the shop ... $200,000 is the StartUp estimate.

Make an investment of $10,000 for a "convertable note" towards 1/500th share in the company.

Nice conversation with a property owner in down town Long Beach ... this maybe the best starting place yet for the success of an L'Robotorium Shop!  This is a huge benefit to CALB and may also help PADNET TV get into the back space for offices and production studio too.

Since I would probably be on site starting 9-10am to sometime in the evening it would provide an opportunity for CALB to have more active show rooms.

I hope I get the space and can get the L'Robotorium Shop ball rolling.  I should know in the next week or so if this goes through or not

... ITMT lets all keep our fingers crossed. 

I am now a registered TV producer. Next step is to get a team of volunteers/interns together to expand on my RoboToons cartoons into animated cartoons for TV. I have one children's animated Christmas cartoon I am re-editing for Christmas filler. I also hope I can quickly make a Halloween animated cartoon ... then one for Thanksgiving too. But this is difficult and time consuming work ... hence I need a team of animators to help with this project. I am hoping we can do such a good job we can get underwriters/sponsors that will give us salaries to continue and maybe even one day be competing with PIXAR in the theators.

Have them send me an email!

I did an interview for an online Robots & Androids publication ... it was fun ... the focus was on my weekly RoboToons Cartoons;

The RoboToons offical page:

An email from Murrieta, CA. asking me what I need to get started there ... I could move to Murrieta, CA. ... I could move to San Pedro (they really need the L'Robotorium Shop) to help revitalize that community ... the shop can work almost anywhere, to bring in people from all around ... at their start it would be to use the L'Robotorium shop ... but then they'd want to stay a few hours and need to eat, so as they walk down the street to a restaurant they'd see other shops and walk in too ... maybe buy something there instead of making another special trek somewhere else.

That's the idea ... the L'Robotorium Shop is a focal point for the community and brings people to the shop to create a new avenue of revenue for the community.

Even a few people in Carlsbad want me to move back down there and teach 3D design and 3D printing for the local kids ... still I have to say that I need a business partner that handles at least the initial business side of the business and has the financing to get it started while I work in the shop and train the mentors that will work in the shop. The 2nd mentor might be that business partner as they find out how much fun and how easy it is to do 3D design and manufacturing.

The latest holdback is insurance. The insurance company is worried about children in the shop … I told them that parents must accompany their children in the shop until we can get an "After School" program setup … but anybody under 18-years old must have a parent/legal guardian with them in the shop. It's easy to click on the link, register, follow and vote for the L'Robotorium Shop: http://crowdfunder.com/LRobotorium

A new note saying we have to hold off moving into the shop until CASS has another discussion with building owner. I hate this we're moving in ... now wait ... we're moving in ... now wait! I want to get moved in and start building up a membership!

So today I looked at some empty shops in San Pedro. Probably the best local location would be near the Long Beach Convention Center in the PIKE.

Finished the 3-day week (Mon., Wed., Fri.) basic 3D Modeling with SolidWorks and 3D Printing class for the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.
The program was very successful ... several of the children are going gangbusters with their 30-day SolidWorks licenses ... they seem hooked on design and are practicing designing things on their laptops. The important parts of the lessons were easily learned. Now they just need to keep practicing ... that's what the L'Robotorium Shop is all about ... providing access to learn, create and innovate!

I've talked to several of the parents, they seem very happy that their children learned professional CAD 3D Modeling and some of the parents were there to see the 3D Printer in action so they too might get started as L'Robotorium Shop members!

Had another meeting with CASS ... I start moving my 3D Printer, Books and Tools into the front classroom where we will start the L'Robotorium Shop ßeta1 ... probably be open for business by Aug. 23rd.

How to get the BallBot1 Robot into production ... do it ourselves! And that's just what we are working on ...

If there are no more snags in the process the L'Robotorium Shop should be open no later than Aug. 23, 2012 at the Artesia, CA. site.

Details will be posted here and on the website http://www.LRobotorium.com/ as they set in stone.

I've been working on more and more products to teach with and sell in the shop ... yes we will have unique products that make home hobby robotics fun for everyone ... not just engineers.

Did the DBA for L'Robotorium Shop today ...
also got an email from one of the 3D Printer Mfg. asking to see where we'd put their printer so everybody can see it in operation ... so I took a few photos to give them an example.

Went to the AmplifyLA Party today ... 1PM to 7PM ... I had to bail about 5:30PM ... I drank too much diet coke and my legs were getting tired, but it was fun, interesting and I made some connections.

Did a walk through what looks to be the first L'Robotorium Shop building up in Artesia today with CASS. He's on board and we want to get things put together and open for business ASAP.

I have enough equipment and books etc... to get a usable shop going in one or two days. I have an application in with the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts to teach a beginner intro class at the Long Beach SeaBase in August. This should help to get the word out about the L'Robotorium Shop and it comes from the help of Trish ...

Did my background check application with the Scouts today at the LB Scout HQ ... met with the top dog and things look good for Aug. 13 through Aug. 17 Intro @ SeaBase LB.

It's Friday the 13th ... bad luck for some ... good luck for the opportunist!

There are two ways for those who can afford it to help make the BallBot1 robot and other robots climb onto retail shelves and help open the doors to the first of many L'Robotorium Shops …

1.  Make an investment of $10,000 or more for a "convertable note" towards 1/500th share in the company.
Walt Perko

2.  Make a smaller donation and be on the donors list as helping a US Navy veteran once again serve his country starting up a business that removes barriers to fun education for all ages.  The larger the donation the larger font and closer to the top you are on the donors list.  If this works I will also try to have the donors list printed on the sides of one or more of the L'Robotorium Shops after they open. 

I entered my "CheezyBot" robot I developed for the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club last year into a contest;

The AFRON "10 Dollar Robot" Design Challenge.


"CheezyBot" robot

I also received another email from a guy "Martin" ... his company is in Praha today … he seems interested in the robots and projects and wants to be a part of it all. 

After last nights MeetUp in Long Beach I realized the PreMoney Value of my StartUp is $5Million ... I am currently seeking to sell shares at $20/share based on the real world potential for products like my own, but not as useful or educational as my products.

Met Eric M. Jackson at the LB Tech MeetUp last night … he talked about the mechanicals of seed funding … it was one of the most useful informative sessions I've attended anywhere anytime as I learn how to StartUp a new business. 

Met with a potential Co-founder for the first L'Robotorium Shop.  We meet again next week to look at his shop space that sounds like an ideal starting location for the first L'Robotorium Shop … when school lets out all the kids walk past the shop every day. 

I have a personal connection with a retired race driver Joe I am going to ask that he co-sponsor some equipment to help open the first L'Robotoroium Shop. 

With the interests of HeathKit I might invite them to co-sponsor too. 

The "JAWS" RoboGripper Kit is designed and prototyped.

The "Pan&Tilt" is designed and prototyped.

The "D.A.I.R." is designed and prototyped.

The "BallBot1 Robot" is designed and prototyped.

Many other kits and peripherals are also designed and prototyped.

I went to the Santa Monica Tech MeetUp last night … there are 240 members in this group … the MeetUp was held at the Santa Monica Library on Main St. … the room was probably at capacity … I saw some interesting presentations … talked to some interesting people.  I handed out a few business cards.

The last MeetUp before this was the LB Tech MeetUp on the Queen Mary in the Observation Bar. It was casual and I was able to talk to everybody. My preference would still be to hold the meetings at the LB SBDC office downtown ... the casual mix should be easier next time. I liked that each of us could stand, say our name and why we were there. I hope that the next LB Tech MeetUp can have investors there to see our short 1-minute presentations.

I've decided that I need to create this blog so that people can review steps I've been taking to create this new business.

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